I love cats




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Hello Im Natalia Im 8 years old I live in Irealand and I love animals especially cats.
Im dream about to become a zoologist.

Welcome in my website here you can waste your free time by plaing games and reading my articles about animals, I'll update site once a week every sunday add some new articles.I hope you enjoy


Hello today i write my first note its about 3 wild animals and i think its last note in this year,and i will write somthing new every sunday i wish you a happy new year.


The leopard is a big cat often patterned with spots or"rosettes".
The leopard will eat any animal it can hunt down and catch.
It can move at up to 58 kph,this helps it to survive in the wild.

African Wild Dog

The African wild dog is tall and lean with brown,black and beige patterned fur.
The dogs hunt in packs for their favourite foods of antelope,deer and impala.
They are threatened by loss of their homes,disease and hunting.

Asian Golden Cat

The Asian golden cat is a wild cat with red or golden-brown fur.
Some of these have leopardlike spots.
They are hunted for their fur and for use in Chinese medicine.


Cats are a group of highly efficient predators that use their acute senses muscular
bodies and sharp teeth and claws to hunt prey.

I like animals,Barbie,Alvin and the chipmunks,Hannah Montana and Selena Gomez.
I have a cat called Benio his black with yellow eyes.